Gas Fired Condensing MGK2

Gas condensing boiler MGK-2



The heating solution for larger buildings


Wolf also recommends the new MGK‑2 medium-sized gas condensing boiler with 17 to 100 % output modulation at a rated output level of 390-630 kW, or up to 2.5 MW in a cascade. It is available in four sizes. Thanks to its quiet operation and compact dimensions, it is especially suitable for effective modernisation or refurbishment of existing buildings.


The new MGK-2 requires no minimum amount of circulating water or return temperature raising facility, making it particularly economical. Furthermore, users will be delighted with the easy operation of the BM-2 programming module, with its built-in colour TFT display and its many new auxiliary functions.


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Benefits to remember:


    - Rated output 390-630 kW; as cascade up to 2.5 MW
    - Wide modulation range from 17 to 100 %
    - Extremely modest dimensions: fits through an 80 cm doorway; easy handling with pallet truck
    - Ideal for modernisation projects as it is easy to split: largest module 1460 mm x 1295 mm x 790 mm
    - Removable cover for optimum accessibility
    - Equipped with the new Wolf control system and BM-2 programming module with plain text display and commissioning with user prompts

    - Optimum utilisation of the condensing effect by controlling the spread (flow/return temperature)
    - Optimum, easy-to-service neutralisation box with booster pump to make the granulate last longer
    - Directly switched three-phase pumps
    - Appliance has full thermal insulation
    - Electronic system pressure gauge


Available downloads:


MGK-2 gas condensing boiler (3 MB)


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